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Metal Stamping

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Progressive Stamping
CNC Punching and Fabrication
CNC Punching and Fabrication
Metal Stamping
Metal Stamping

CNC Punching & Fabrication

TNT Marketing began providing electronic manufacturing solutions to the commercial and military industries in 1989. Since then, we have expanded our capabilities to include a number of different industries and manufacturing services including PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, electro-mechanical assembly, precision machining, and CNC punching and fabrication. For all your metal stamping production needs, we will pair you with a manufacturer that matches your requirements and expectations. From small or large stamped parts to deep drawn stamping and surface critical exposed parts, our factories handle all stamping requirements.

Our metal stamping services include:

  • Low cost tooling for short run stampings
  • Class "A" progressive dies for large volume
  • RFI/EMI shields
  • Deep drawn and spinning
  • Secondary operations
  • Box builds

We provide low cost, short-run tooling on a wide variety of products. Our factories use small punch presses in order to metal stamp down to a thickness of .0008". We also offer a variety of secondary operations through our metal stamping production for clean, finished products that are ready to use. Services include deburring, drilling, spot-welding, plating, painting, and silkscreening. Packaging and complete assembly operations are also provided through many of our manufacturers. Working with a variety of exotic materials, we are able to provide you with the products you want in the form you require. Our material list includes, but is not limited to: electrolytic zinc, copper, aluminum, carbon, stainless steel, bronze, titanium and brass.

TNT Marketing is your service provider of both local and offshore manufacturing operations. Our manufacturers provide design assistance and engineering support for all CNC punching and fabrication projects. Through each of our factories, we ensure quality control, open communication, and customer service. Our metal stamping manufacturers adhere to the certifications and regulations you require.

We can match you with a manufacturer that will complete your metal stamping project at the quality you expect. Contact us for more information regarding the services we can provide for you.