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PCB Fabrication & Assembly
Services Represented

TNT Marketing is the solution to your outsourcing needs for electronics manufacturing. We match your application requirements to the most qualified manufacturer, ensuring quality services, competitive pricing, and on-time delivery. In business since 1989, we are your premier service provider for all your outsourcing needs:

TNT Marketing works with a wide range of manufacturers so we are able to choose a company that adheres to the industry regulations you are required to be in compliance with whether it’s clean room manufacturing, ISO compliance, or RoHS compliance. Quality control, product inspection, and complete testing are a guarantee in our contract manufacturing ensuring you receive the best possible service for your money.

As an additional cost-measurement solution, we provide First Article Inspection (FAI) to ensure the manufactured product is exactly as you request it to be. FAI analysis and reports are shared with all our clients. We want you to be happy with your manufacturing and service.

TNT Marketing matches clients with manufacturers in various niche markets. If you require complex, time sensitive applications, e.g. PCB reworks, military soldering, wire harness assembly, and rapid prototyping, we can facilitate your outsourcing solution. Our manufacturers are both local and overseas to best fit your production and pricing needs. With skilled technicians and engineers, the shops here in Southern California and the global operations manufacture out of a temperature controlled environment. State of the art equipment is used throughout the entire fabrication, assembly, and precision machining processes. We also ensure quick turn assembly whether it is for single prototypes, short-run manufacturing, or mass production.

We take pride in our services. Our integrity, hard work, and experience help you make long-lasting partnerships with the best manufacturers in the business. For more information on the services we provide, contact us!