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Printed Circuit Board Fabrication

PCB fabrication
ROHS Compliant
PCB Fabrication

printed circuit board fabrication
All Types: Printed
Circuit Board Fabrication

TNT Marketing is your leading provider of printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication in Southern California. We work with the best PCB manufacturing companies to bring you the high quality products you need at a competitive price.

Printed Circuit Boards:

  • Design
    • PCB Layout
  • Fabrication
    • Quick turn proto-types and pre-production
    • Short-run and large volume production
    • Commercial or Mil-Spec circuit boards
    • Single-sided to multi-layer: Up to 30 plus layers
    • Fine lines and spaces
    • Standard and Exotic materials
      • FR4, G-tek, polyimide, Teflon, thermount, cyanate ester, ceramic and STABLCOR
    • Heat sinks (internal and external)
    • Metal core
    • Controlled Impedance
    • Blind/buried vias
    • Buried Resistors
    • Flexible and Rigid-Flex PWB
      • Mil-P-50884 certified for adhesiveless flex and rigid-flex
      • High Reliability, Commercial and military IPC6013 type 4, class 3
      • Layer counts up to 24
      • Full engineering DFM (design for mfg) support
      • Bookbinder construction capability
      • Silver shielding and hybrid materials capability

The owners of TNT Marketing have been working with PCB fabrication sales for over 30 years. When TNT Marketing began in 1989, PCB fabrication was our basic outsourcing service. Whether you are looking for double sided or multi-layer, low tech or high tech, prototype or large volume production, we have the capability to help you secure the PCBs you need at a competitive price. With our long-acquired years of experience, we are able to match your PCB fabrication to the best manufacturer for the job.

We work with a variety of industrial markets including, but not limited to the aerospace, medical, commercial, military and automotive industries. Because of the sensitive and complex applications required by many of these markets, our manufacturers adhere to all regulations put forth by each customer. All of our manufacturers follow the RoHS regulations (when required). We provide quick turn manufacturing on short-run and large volume production along with our prototype fabrication. PCB fabrication is completed by manufacturers in Southern California or globally in Asia, Mexico, or India.

To find out more regarding our PCB manufacturing facilities, contact us. We are able to match you with the company that best suits your needs at the most competitive price. We also provide cable and wire harness assembly, fabrication, and machining services for all your electronic manufacturing needs.