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CNC Machining & Manufacturing

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Precision Machining
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Precision Machining
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TNT Marketing is a full service provider of all your electronic outsourcing requirements. From assembly and box builds to precision machining and metal stamping, we offer electronic manufacturing solutions that work for you. We partner with a variety of machining and manufacturing job shops, both locally and offshore, to bring you the high quality machined parts you need.

The machine shops we work with provide numerous high quality CNC machining and manufacturing capabilities. These include:

  • Precision CNC machining
  • Screw machining
  • CNC milling and turning
  • Micromachining
  • Swiss machining
  • Secondary operations

From the complexity of high tolerance precision parts to the large volume commodities, our job shops allow for a variety of machining projects. We match you with a company that fits your machining, material, and production volume requirements. Our machining factories work with both basic and exotic materials including titanium, stainless steel, carbon alloy, copper, bronze, various plastics, and aluminum. All materials used in machining are subjected to quality control testing and have complete traceability on them. TNT Marketing also supplies a variety of secondary operations including heat treating, plating, anodizing, painting, powder coating, assembly, and packaging.

Our machine shops employ state-of-the-art machines and inspection equipment. Machinists undergo various levels of training, guaranteeing quality applicable knowledge. This ensures the manufacturability of your product is unsurpassable. From prototype machining to large volume runs, we have the company that suits your needs.

At TNT Marketing, we provide solutions that include PCB fabrication and assembly, electromechanical assembly, and cable and wire harness assembly. Our company has expanded to include fabrication, machining, and metal stamping for various industrial companies. Industries we match to our manufacturing companies include, but are not limited to: aerospace, military, medical, dental, food service, automotive and telecommunications. Most of our factories adhere to ISO certification and various industry regulations. We will match you with the company that follows the requirements your industry has in place.

TNT Marketing represents machine shops that provide design assistance and engineering support. For more information regarding our machine shops, contact us.

We also provide cable and wire harness assembly, PCB fabrication, and electro-mechanical assembly for all your electronic manufacturing needs.