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Global Sourcing

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Global Sourcing

TNT Marketing is an electronic manufacturing service provider of PCB assemblies, cable and wire harness assemblies, sheet metal fabrication, and transformers among other services. We provide cost-measurement solutions through global sourcing. We match your company with a manufacturer that follows the certifications you require at a cost you can afford. We handle your small, medium, or large volume production whether it is done locally or offshore. Prototype manufacturing is generally completed through our local facilities. Local Southern California companies and offshore manufacturers can supply you with miniature linear power supplies and high voltage switching power supplies alongside the numerous electronic manufacturing products we provide.

The cost of products secured through global sourcing is low in order to help you complete your project at a price you can afford. High quality and value is upheld through both our local and overseas factories. Our global sourcing solutions provide consignment and Kanban programs alongside just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing so that you always get the high quality you expect with the low cost option you prefer. Our quality offshore manufactured products meet industry regulations and approval.

TNT Marketing provides global solutions for companies in a variety of industrial markets including the military, aerospace, medical, and food service industries. Our experience in electronic manufacturing consists of over twenty years.

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