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Contract Manufacturing

Surface Mount Technology
PCB Assembly
Electro-Mechanical Assembly
Contract Assembly
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Printed Circuit Board & Electro-Mechanical Assembly

TNT Marketing is a full service provider of contract manufacturing for electronic fabrication and assembly. We work with a wide range of industries including commercial, military, medical, aerospace, and automotive markets. Our time-critical manufacturing, cost-measurement solutions, and quality services guarantee your production is completed when you need it at a price you can afford. Contract manufacturing incorporates box builds (complete product assembly), printed circuit board (PCB) assembly, miniature linear power supplies, and other variations of electronic production.

Box Builds:

  • Complete Turnkey or Consigned Material Management
  • Single Source Solution
  • Project Management
  • Electro-Mechanical Assembly
  • ISO Certification (when required)
  • UL and IPC 620 Workmanship Standards (when required)
  • Systems integration
  • Testing
  • Packaging

PCB Assembly:

  • Complete Turnkey or Consigned Material Management
  • Surface Mount Technology
  • Through Hole Assembly
  • BGA Placement and X-Ray Support
  • Micro BGA
  • CSP
  • ISO Certification
  • RoHs Compliance
  • In-Circuit Test
  • Functional Testing

Our manufacturing facilities contain state of the art equipment and software used in production, assembly, inspection, and testing. Engineers and technicians undergo extensive training to keep up to date on new operations and technology. Our manufacturers have very little employee turn-around. We provide our clients with manufacturers that have extensive skill and acquired experience in box builds and PCB assembly, ensuring you are receiving the best possible service for your money.

As a contract manufacturing provider, TNT Marketing is there for the client. We guarantee open communication and will help facilitate should any problems arise during fabrication and assembly. Our contract manufacturing companies are ISO certified and follow a variety of industry regulations. Depending on the market you represent, we will match you with a company that best suits your requirements and specifications.

For more information regarding our high quality contract manufacturers, contact us! Our attention to detail and customer service is sure to gain your satisfaction.